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We’ve been dancing since forever. We started with ballet, then moved on to urban, then a touch of jazz-contemporary, and then the flood gates opened: samba, orixá, Silvestre, muntuasi, zebola, Dunham, yanvalou, yankadi, sabar, lenjen, liberté, wolosodon, ‘ori opu, fa’atere… You name it, we’ve probably danced it ;-).

We met in a West African dance class in Copenhagen in 2019. It was fate. We talked about dance, and how much we love it, and how much we want to see African Contemporary on stage, and how we need to dance more of the dances we love so much, dances emerging from all the horizons of the world.

And so Connexions was first dreamt, then created, and now is being nurtured and built.

For us, dance is about togetherness, community, creativity, strength, beauty, culture.

We would love to see you on the dance floor, to dance with you, to create that energy unique to the fusion of rhythm, breath, drums and dozens of dancing feet.

Like us, if you are a dancer who wants to dance more, join us!